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Emory Brain Health Center Embraces Biodex Technology

Therapists at the Atlanta’s Emory Brain Health Center help patients with one of the field’s most advanced range-of-technology systems, including the first rhythmic auditory cueing (RAC) gait systems for clinical use, and the nation’s most extensive FreeStep SAS track systems.

Parkinson’s disease-focused therapy

Life Care Center of Elkhorn uses the Biodex FreeStep SAS as part of an inter-disciplinary Parkinson’s program designed to meet the full needs of Parkinson’s patients; both on an inpatient and outpatient basis.

Seniors get “Ready and Steady” at the Pines of Sarasota

The Pines of Sarasota uses the Biodex Balance System SD as part of its balance training program for seniors. The program focuses on assessing a person’s balance and creating a plan to help improve balance in order to avoid falling.

Biodex Balance System Provides Impressive Results

Physical Therapists at St. Luke's University Hospital improve patient balance issues using the Biodex Balance System.

Biodex BioStep Keeps Residents Fit

Providence Place Senior Communities uses the Biodex BioStep Elliptical to keep their residents strong and healthy as well as an incentive for community outreach.

Post-Op Rehabilitation with Gait Trainer 3

Lighthouse at Waconia strengthens lower extremity patients by walking "uphill, downhill and sideways" on the Biodex Gait Trainer 3.

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