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Upper Body Cycle

Upper Body Cycle
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Functional Diversity

The Biodex Upper Body Cycle is a versatile ergometer that meets the demands of any orthopedic rehabilitation, wellness, or general conditioning program all helping to prevent deconditioning of the older patient. It will exercise individuals with limited lower-body function. The low seat height of the Upper Body Cycle makes wheelchair transfer easy or the seat can be removed entirely to allow exercises while remaining in the wheelchair. Adjustable pivoting actuator easily accommodates all wheel chair patients.

Unique Self-Powering System

Use the Upper Body Cycle anywhere. There is no need for AC power at work rates at or above 30 watts and 50 rpms. The battery-supported system maintains all settings and LED displays before and after cycling. The internal battery is automatically recharged when work rates reach or exceed 30 watts and 50 rpms. An AC adapter is provided for extended use at work rates below 30 watts and 50 rpms.


The “Quick-Start” feature gets your first-time cyclists right into their exercises. Isokinetic (speed control) provides accommodating resistance throughout the cyclist's entire range of motion for the duration of the exercise period. Resistance continuously matches effort, accommodating to variations in the patient's force output due to weakness or pain at specific points in the individual's range of motion, and to fatigue over the course of the cycling period. With a selection of 15 speeds (50 to 120 deg/sec), this resistance mode maximizes strength gains while minimizing the potential for injury.

Full-Function Retro-Cycling

Rehabilitation and conditioning capabilities are expanded by providing bi-directional cycling to alternately work reciprocal muscle groups.

Built for High-Use Environments

The welded heavy-gauge steel frame, epoxy powder-coat finish, and moisture-resistant ABS plastic enclosure, round out a rugged and durable design that will withstand extensive use in the busiest settings. Large wheels make transporting and repositioning easy. Heart rate monitoring can be achieved with a telemetry chest strap to track heart rate without interrupting exercise – useful for protocols utilizing target heart rate, and for monitoring high-risk patients. 

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