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Balance System SD BioStep 2 Semi-Recumbent Elliptical

NEW Balance System™ SD

Static and dynamic balance testing and training — ideal for Fall Risk Screening & Conditioning in older adults

BioStep™ 2 Semi-Recumbent Elliptical

Combine the benefits of smooth, elliptical, cross-training exercise with the comfort, safety and stability of semi-recumbent positioning.

Sit2Stand Trainer Gait Trainer 3

NEW Sit2Stand™ Squat-Assist Trainer

Strengthens lower extremities in a safe, progressive environment; allows therapist to teach and reinforce seated to standing movement.

NEW Gait Trainer™ 3

Bring patients up to speed with the right step length. Provides both audio and visual real-time biofeedback to prompt patients into their correct gait pattern.

Unweighing System FreeStep SAS - Supported Ambulation System

NEW NxStep™ Unweighing System

Allows for functional vertical displacement and functional pelvic rotation or stabilization during partial weight-bearing therapy.

NEW Mobility Assist

Used as an ambulation therapy aid to help therapists, nurses and caregivers work with patients who have difficulty rising from seated to standing position.

FreeStep SAS - Supported Ambulation System Upper Body Cycle

FreeStep SAS - Supported Ambulation System

Support weak or balance deficient patients without using additional floor space or requiring additional staff.

Upper Body Cycle

Invaluable for upper extremity rehabilitation and conditioning.


NEW medBike®

Safe and effective motion training and cardiovascular exercise for anyone that does not tolerate standing or is too weak to peddle on their own.

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