Biodex Senior Rehab Balance & Mobility
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Enhance resident care, attract more patients, strengthen partnerships and prove better outcomes… in less time.

Biodex Balance and Mobility will set your facility apart, making it attractive to ACOs, hospitals, physicians, the community, residents and their families. Biodex technology expands rehabilitation capabilities to include complex, post-acute care, providing quality outcomes in the shortest period of time. Objective documentation is a marked distinction with Biodex devices to justify need, demonstrate progress and accurately report outcome.

Biodex Balance & Mobility can directly impact the incidence of falls. It all begins with balance. As the cornerstone for a fall program, the Balance System SD is used to identify and strengthen potential fallers, which not only limits liability, but improves mobility and thereby social behavior among residents. Biodex gives your facility The Referral Advantage™.

Music-Assisted Therapy

Biodex Balance & Mobility

  • Accelerate rehab, improve outcomes and reduce risk of readmission
  • Vibrotactile cueing for patients with vestibular disorder
  • Improve documentation of rehab effectiveness
  • Help secure ACO relationships
  • Generate referrals from physicians and hospital discharge planners
  • Increase community awareness for senior rehabilitation and wellness
  • Make facility tours more effective
  • Improve your clinical capabilities,
    secure a competitive advantage and increase referrals

Case Studies:

Biodex can give your facility The Referral Advantage™


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