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Enhance resident care, attract more patients, strengthen partnerships and prove better outcomes… in less time.

Balance & Mobility Applications

Balance & Mobility

Become a preferred referral therapy partner with Biodex physical medicine devices

Biodex physical medicine devices encourage safe, progressive and effective rehabilitation – crucial to partnering with an ACO.

Biodex Balance & Mobility will set your facility apart, making it attractive for Accountable Care Organizations, referring hospitals, doctors, residents, their families and the community.

Biodex Balance & Mobility can position your facility as the leader in gait, mobility, balance, and fall risk screening and conditioning. In the face of today’s “Episode of Care” challenges, Biodex equips your facility to treat complex patients, rehab them in a shorter period of time, maximize staff and provide safe discharge to outpatient or home care. Objective documentation with G-code calculations and modifier codes satisfies Medicare’s requirement for documenting the clinical need for therapy.

Accelerate rehab, improve outcomes and reduce risk of readmission

Research supports the benefits of audio and visual feedback in gait and balance rehabilitation.  Real-time Audio and Visual Biofeedback offered on Biodex products prompts patients into proper movement patterns, provides real-time feedback of errors and successes, and helps patients achieve better outcomes, quicker.

Vibrotactile cueing for patients with vestibular disorder

Especially suited for the evaluation and treatment of vestibular disorders, vibrotactile cueing provides a means to enhance postural control with eyes closed. By directly engaging the motor-learning system, reinforcing brain plasticity, and providing sensory enrichment to therapy tasks, the Biodex VibroTactile™ System improves balance rehabilitation. (See Balance System SD).

Improve documentation of rehab effectiveness

Prove need, progress and outcomes with objective documentation and comparisons to healthy populations. Biodex reporting includes G-code calculations, modifier codes and percentage of limitation to streamline efficiencies and reduce Medicare claims denials.

Help secure ACO relationships

Biodex technology - along with associated printed reports documenting need, progress and outcomes - increases clinical efficiency, productivity, and helps reduce the rate of readmissions; making you an attractive partner to the ACO.

Generate referrals from physicians and hospital discharge planners

Comprehensive product and application-specific marketing materials are offered to help target hospital discharge planners and doctors – enhancing your presence in the community.

Increase community awareness for senior rehabilitation and wellness

Educational presentation materials help you to educate the community to your new applications and technology.

Make facility tours more effective

Separate yourself from the competition by demonstrating your rehabilitation capabilities with advanced Biodex technology.

Improve your clinical capabilities, secure a competitive advantage and increase referrals

Biodex helps their partners stand out from the crowd by providing the marketing materials that promote their rehabilitation capabilities to: hospitals, doctors, the community, residents and their families.

Biodex can give your facility The Referral Advantage™


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